Tyler Dawson

I make apps, games, and whatevers.

Cue Cards

Improvise a speech sabotaged by words, emotions, and stage directions.


Doodle with radial symmetry.


Sing your heart out to dozens of chord progressions and suggestions to invent fun improvised songs.

Over & Out

Frantically yell at your friends in a guessing game with an everyone-plays-at-once twist.

Blank Slate

Zone out to a colorful one-touch timing game made in a weekend.


Embrace chaos or precision as you drop marbles to launch a soccer ball through your friend's goal.

Dance Pad Games

A series of (mostly) multiplayer games played on a single dance pad.

"Wizard's Chess"

Play a game of AR chess in the role of any piece in this proof-of-concept.

Arcade Clock

Inspired by bouncing logo screensavers everywhere, watch the computer play Pong to keep track of the time.