Tyler Dawson

I make apps, games, and whatevers.

What I'm Building With These Days

There's always a new hotness to follow in web dev. A new framework, a new tool, a new paradigm.

There's value in being aware of the trends and learning what you can. At the moment, however, I want to focus on creating. That means focusing on what I already know. Chances are slim that learning a brand new stack will help me create my next project faster.

So for those curious—and maybe as a temporary commitment to myself—here are the tools I'm using to create cool web apps and games these days.

  • Nuxt v3 (Vue Framework)
  • Nuxt's server for primary endpoints and API
  • Nuxt Content module for the blog and similar content management
  • Pinia for state management
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Supabase for Postgres DB, Auth, and user-uploaded storage
  • Netlify for deployment
  • Flutter for mobile app development

My list consolidates around a few core technologies so I can get started fast and iterate faster. I set up a GitHub template to make it as brainless as possible to create a brand new web or mobile app and just start writing code.

Because it's time for me to write code.

I've seen enough YouTube videos explaining why Blank New Technology is going to revolutionize the way I write code that I'm not writing because I'm watching YouTube videos.

Yes, I know I'll run into situations where I need to switch tools. Where the time to learn pays itself off 10-fold in development. Where the current tools fall short (Supabase—I'd love anonymous user authentication like Firebase). Where unexpected problems call for learning unexpected solutions.

Until then, I'll focus my learning on things I think I already know.